In recent years, pop-up interactive exhibitions have become all the rage. Inspired around a particular theme, the installations are a fun way to immerse visitors into another world and be Instagram-worthy at the same time. There are many and I’ve been to more than my share to render myself an experiential expert. Out of all these immersive experiences my favourite is Color Factory.Originated in San Francisco back in 2017, Color Factory currently runs in New York City and Houston. We visited NYC location in SoHo’s Hudson Square in Fall 2018. My daughter and I were both super excited… as for my husband and son, they humoured us and tagged along. The website described it as, “an experiential art exhibit inspired by the joy of color” and I was hooked. The men in my life, less enthused.

Their attitudes quickly changed as we stepped inside the massive 20,000 square feet space. Despite our varying ages, we all turned into kids again. The place instantly screamed JOY and FUN. We travelled from room to room, experiencing colour stories in unique, unexpected ways. We were invited to follow our curiosity, discover and play. So we did. One minute we’re eating macarons off a colourful conveyer belt, next we’ve become musicians creating our own colourful concert. We got lost in a flurry of metallic balloons, then moved on to dance our hearts away in a Studio 54 worthy room where the floor lit up and danced along to the beat of the music and our footsteps. There was so much to see and do that our heads were spinning, or maybe that’s because we literally were spinning round and round on a giant colour wheel!

The grand finale was our fave, the famous ball pit. We jumped right in the massive pool of 500,000 plastic balls and got submerged into the fun. We swam, played hide and seek, had a ball fight and forgot about the world outside. We just lived in the moment and enjoyed.

Now that’s a happy place. For more happy places, click here.