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JoannaAnastasiaI’ve been a blogger and creator for over 7 years now, first writing about parenting with my psychological background perspective and lately focusing on home decor and DIY home projects. I’m a mom of 3, a bookworm, a cat lover and a homebody who loves to travel- but only from time to time! I love mixing styles, vintage pieces and florals and finding joy in the little life moments! What’s your happiness secret for creating a joyful life?
I believe that life isn’t just good or bad, and things don’t just happen to us- but that we make it good or bad for ourselves. And that even among hard circumstances you can find moments of joy. And I truly think that perspective, gratitude and a balance between connecting with people and connecting with our own selves are what make a life truly joyful. Tending to important relationships in your life. Not chasing things, places or achievements. And most of all, creative living makes every day a day filled with joy! Follow Joanna and her amazing DIY and decor projects:
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