Marie-Annick Boisvert

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I am a passionate Montrealer and traveller. I am a publicist for the past 7 years but I have my company so I’ve been my own boss for the past 21 years!

How do you define joy?
When you are happy wherever you are.

What’s your happiness secret for creating a joyful life?
Listen to your little voice, follow your instinct, what thrives you, being grateful. Enjoy the present moment.

Share a joyful memory
Any sunset or a full moon. I’m a skyporn kinda girl.Marie-Annick BoisvertMarie-Annick BoisvertMarie-Annick Boisvert Where’s your happy place?
Wherever I am. Or a tennis court. 

What inspires you most?
People who do what they love. People who walk the talk.

What are you most thankful for?
My friends, my life. Marie-Annick Boisvert Marie-Annick Boisvert Marie-Annick Boisvert Marie-Annick BoisvertWhat always makes you smile?
A double take. 

If you could travel to the happiest place in the world right now, where would you go?

Share one thing you do for self-care

What do you celebrate most in life?
Quality time with people I love.Marie-Annick BoisvertMarie-Annick BoisvertMarie-Annick Boisvert


1. Tennis: It’s my no. 1 passion. I have been playing since I was 9 years old.Marie-Annick BoisvertMarie-Annick BoisvertMarie-Annick Boisvert2. Food: I am a foodie so going out and sharing a meal with a special person is one of my favourite things.Marie-Annick Boisvert3. Travel: My life is built around traveling. And since my work permits me to work from wherever, it’s easy.Marie-Annick Boisvert Marie-Annick BoisvertMarie-Annick Boisvert4. Country: I am a urban girl but I need the country, I need the balance.Marie-Annick Boisvert Marie-Annick Boisvert5. Friendship: I take my friendships seriously. I maintain my friendships, keep in touch, reunite all my friends on a regular basis. They are my family, what keeps me grounded.Marie-Annick Boisvert6. Football: Not the European one but the American one. I am a huge football fan. I can spend a Sunday afternoon watching football. I also went to  Miami and Chicago to see some matches.Marie-Annick Boisvert Marie-Annick Boisvert7. Music and dancing: Music and dancing is good for the soul. Everyone should dance everyday!

8. Self growth: Part of growing up is knowledge. So I read  a lot, listen to podcasts. All of that to become a better person.

Marie-Annick Boisvert

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