Oh, we love celebrations!

With a long list of close to a hundred successful events under our belts, JOY & JOIE features special events of our very own vision and imagination.

JOY & JOIE events are specially curated experiences that will continually change, all while bringing people together to create joyful memories and genuine community. Each of the exclusive events will have different themes and a varied array of elements to add novelty and excitement to every celebration.


There’s nothing like a big bash, and we love a fabulous celebration! Every JOY & JOIE event will have a different theme, inspiration and guest list – so you will never know what to expect next!  The exclusive events may also highlight specially curated brands that fit the chosen theme. These mega celebrations will always be memorable!


We love our big events, but JOY & JOIE will also have smaller festivities so no one gets lost in the crowd. Something magical happens when you bring together an intimate group of people to share laughter. Joy truly comes in moments big AND small.

Be sure to keep checking in to see what new events are around the corner!