I’m always on the hunt for magical places and did not have to look far this time. A short 30-minute drive from Montreal, we were transported to another world. Located in Terrebonne, Symphonie des Fleurs (or Symphony of Flowers) is an immersive multimedia experience featuring 100,000 luminous flowers that come to life and dance to the rhythm of music.

Symphonie des Fleurs is the latest creation by Illumi. Set outside under the stars, a memorable evening unfolds before a 325,000 square feet field of flowers and lights. Spectators are first welcomed to partake in the unique experience by watching a 15-minute show while sitting in the bleachers. Enjoying the vast view, the flowers come alive with music and an inspiring story written by Quebec poet Raôul Duguay and narrated in English by Quebec singer-songwriter Jim Corcoran.Symphonie des FleursSymphonie des FleursSymphonie des FleursAfter the show, visitors may leisurely stroll through the luminous pedestrian path for an up-close experience. It’s surreal to be surrounded by over half a million LED bulbs that flicker and dance about while you wander through the magical field.

At Symphonie des Fleurs, joy is a multicolour symphony of lights and music. For more information visit their website at Symphonie des Fleurs.

Symphonie des FleursSymphonie des FleursSymphonie des Fleurs