Leisa LeeI love to connect people together and see what happens. I love food. It’s even better when those two things happen at the same time! My team and I spend our time getting people’s stories out to the right people and making sure that we are part of great experiences. Sometimes they involve food and entertainment. Did I mention food?

How do you define joy?
Joy is that little explosion inside your heart and head that grows and grows until your eyes are huge and your smile is wide and you feel warm all over. And it does not involve peeing on yourself. That’s something else. And it involves roller coasters…Leisa LeeLeisa LeeLeisa LeeLeisa LeeWhere’s your happy place?
Those 10 ten minutes (sometimes 3) when my head hits the pillow and I’m cozy in my bed and just about to fall asleep. And then the 10 minutes after my alarm goes off and I’m already running in my head, thinking about what I have to do that day. 

Share a time when you laughed out loud
I am constantly laughing out loud. Often by myself, in an empty room… Also, talking to myself out loud more. Is that an age thing or am I cracking? Or do I just care less about what people think of me? But to answer your question, the answer is often: Jimmy Carr. British comedian. Google him.

If you had an extra hour in the day, what would you do in that time?
Sleep. Honestly, I know that sounds extremely boring, but it’s the one thing that gets sacrificed all the time and it’s what I would do more of, given the time.

What small pleasures do you want to enjoy more every day?
Just wandering around the city. I feel like I’m always heading somewhere, like I’m that rabbit in Wonderland, checking my clock. I am jealous of your daily trips, just discovering all that Montreal offers.

What always makes you smile?
Somebody being nice to someone else. Or to me (holding open the door, letting me in on the highway.) Leisa LeeIf you could travel to the happiest place in the world right now, where would you go?
Hawaii or the Polynesian Islands. There is something pure and yet overwhelming there, all at the same time. And if you read James Michener’s Hawaii or the history of the islands before you go, you’ll feel like your heart is exploding when you discover the islands.

When was the last time you felt excited about something?
Today. Yesterday. The day before that. It’s rare that I’m not excited about something. It can be a project we’re working on. Something I aspire to buy. A new food item or restaurant that I heard about. Someone saying yes to a pitch that I sent to them. 15 minutes to watch some TV with my boo. An invitation. The knowledge that there is some ice cream or small dessert waiting for me in the fridge. Fireworks!Leisa LeeLeisa LeeLeisa LeeLeisa LeeLeisa LeeShare one thing you do for self-care 
Pedicures. Letting an expert take care of me on a regular basis, someone who I know is better at that job than I am. And she’s going to do all the steps and not cut corners while doing it. And it feels good and looks good. Do NOT get me started on bad feet.

What’s your dream and how are you aspiring to get there? 
Freedom. The ability to do what I want to do when I want to do it. And that’s a combination of health, wealth and time. All wrapped up into one. I’m still figuring it out. Working hard to make it all happen.


1. Friends and family. They are the #1 thing that gives me joy in life.Leisa Lee Leisa LeeLeisa LeeLeisa LeeLeisa Lee2. Organizing, tidying up and putting things in their places. Weird, I know. But it feels great to organize things. Step aside Marie Kondo, I knew about this joy waaaay before you made it a one-person empire.

3. Food definitely is a joyful affair. All of it! Nothing beats good sushi or a good steak. The joy is in the food and it’s also in all the ritual that goes with it. There are so many great restaurants in town and I love discovering them but it’s always pure joy to sit down at some of my favourite places, like Kamúy, Park, Hanzo.Leisa LeeLeisa LeeLeisa Lee4. And dessert! It’s hard to trust a person who won’t have a bite of dessert. Donuts, pastry, ice cream are pure joy. Do you know anyone else who reads the dessert menu before deciding on a main course?Leisa Lee5. The cheesy movie Valley Girl – because it contains my all-time favourite song from the 80s, “I Melt With You”. It sums up a whole era in the 80s. And let’s be honest, 80s music in general makes me smile.

6. The perfect parking spot. You know the one: Closest enough to where you have to be, but not right in front where people will watch you park. No parallel parking involved and lots of room to maneuver in, in one smooth movement!

7. That lipstick that makes you feel like you’re dressed up. I have a Giorgio Armani colour that is a confidence booster and it goes with everything. Paired with my favourite m0851 leather jacket, it makes me feel like I can do anything and that I’m perfectly dressed for any occasion.

8. Shoes and purses. It’s a girl thing. How can you not feel joy when you find that perfect pair of shoes or boots.Leisa LeeFollow Leisa, her PR life and happy times:
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