Joy can be found in the most simple things. For me, it’s ice cream. It’s the comfort food that always brings a smile to my face. While some people have coffee breaks, mine is the ice cream break.

My 5 local Montreal Faves:


There’s always a line-up that spans at least around the block. It’s no surprise why. Flavours stretch the imagination and include: salted butter, soursop, rose lychee, pandan and honey orange blossom. There’s also a “Twist du Moment” soft serve that changes on a weekly basis with flavours like pear mixed with dulce du leche or coconut mixed with mango passionfruit. No matter what the mix, it’s always marvelous. It’s the only place I will make a detour for each and every time.


If you’re looking for artisanal ice cream that’s high on IG-worthy fun, you’ll know you’re at the right place when you see the bubble gum pink Volkswagen camper van parked outside Ca Lem’s NDG location. This place is more than just getting a great pic, it’s all about their flavours! Too many to choose from: pandan coco, taro, tiramisu, citron yuzu, black sesame, along with fun ones like Cookie Monster and Cotton Candy.


A gem in Montreal’s St-Henri neighbourhood, this was one of my favourite weekday escapes when my office was close by. With new flavours every week, this place never disappoints. I remember having a corn-flavoured ice cream. It sounded odd but tasted amazing. Dalla Rose often incorporates local ingredients in its ice cream, so you’ll be enjoying the freshest Quebec berries, lavender, honey and yes, corn too! In addition to exotic flavours like Thai Milk Tea, Coconut Ginger Cookie and Moroccan Mint Stracciatella, there are classic faves like Quebec Strawberry, Roasted Pistachio, Chocolate and many others to enjoy.


Full disclosure, my daughter and I spent our first 5 minutes here taking pictures with their cute floral wall. Couldn’t help ourselves! Next, we spent even more time trying to decide which flavour to order. The struggle was real, and we ended up choosing the swirl of the week: brown sugar milk tea ice cream twisted with Pabama (passionfruit, mango, banana) sorbet. Our boba dream come true! There are many great choices: Baklava, Lemon Meringue Pie, Fig Yaourt, Ube Halaya, etc. It’s the international ice cream destination, no passport required. Next flavour on my list: mango sticky rice! Can’t wait to try!


Sometimes I find treasures by typing, “ice cream near me” on Google. This was one of those times. Situated in Montreal’s Hochelaga-Maisonneuve neighborhood near the Olympic Stadium, I fell in love with this wonderful ice cream shop that was truly off the beaten path. With a wide array of frozen goodies with and without dairy, there was plenty to choose from: frozen cakes, swirls, cones, sorbets, hard ice cream, smoothies and ice cream cups. The Oreo & Raspberry Swirl was my delicious choice of the day, but I’ll be back again and again to try their other creamy creations.

My love for ice cream also expands outside of Montreal. For some of my other favourite ice cream destinations, read more here.