In an imaginary, world we could run away to a tropical paradise at a moment’s notice. In an imaginary world, we could leisurely daydream without distractions. In an imaginary world, we could laugh all day and hang out with friends… Sounds blissful, but how do we bridge imagination with reality when we have busy lives, demanding careers, families to raise, and a never-ending list of things to do? How do we find time for joy? What does joy even look like when we can’t see straight?

Finding joy has been a personal journey. After years of living at a frenzied pace, I’ve been making progress (albeit in slow baby steps) at being more mindful. I inject joy into my life whenever I can. It takes great effort to do so. But I’ve learned that you have to schedule it and make sure it’s on your list. If not, it gets lost in the busyness of life. And sometimes it’s not about scheduling joy per se, but clearing your schedule to make space for joy to naturally blossom. In recent years, I realized that in chasing my dreams, I somehow had ran right past what made made me happy. Read that again.

JOY & JOIE has been a long passion project in the making. It’s a happy place to get inspired and find new ways to add joy to your life. No need to quit the job or sell the family, there’s attainable goals for even the busiest joy seekers. Maybe it will be a road trip idea that sparks joy for you, or a simple list of ice cream shops to try. There’s joy to be discovered in the big and small moments of life.

I’ll be sharing stories and experiences that bring joy to the forefront. There will be personal tales along with those kindly shared by others. JOY & JOIE highlights the incredible people I’ve crossed paths with or have inspired me. It’s also a showcase for the wonderful places and things that just make me smile and hopefully you as well. 

Joy can be contagious. Let’s all share a little bit of joy so more will flow into our lives.

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